Spree Commerce is a complete, modular, API-driven open source e-commerce solution built with Ruby on Rails

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API Reference

The REST API is designed to give developers a convenient way to access data contained within Spree. With a standard read/write interface to store data, it is now very simple to write third party applications (JavaScript/Mobile/other technologies) that can talk to your Spree store.


Extensions provide additional features and integrations for your Spree store. Content Management, Internationalization, Order Management, Marketing, Marketplace, Payments providers, Shipping, Tax Calculation and more!

Developer Guides

This part of Spree’s documentation covers the technical aspects of Spree. If you are working with Rails and are building a Spree store, this is the documentation for you.

User Guides

This documentation is intended for business owners and site administrators of Spree e-commerce sites. Everything you need to know to configure and manage your Spree store can be found here.

Release Notes

Each major new release of Spree has an accompanying set of release notes. The purpose of these notes is to provide a high level overview of what has changed since the previous version of Spree.

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